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“just a few degrees out at the start can relate
to being significantly off course over time”

Taking time to understand
Using proven and effective diagnosis tools and processes we take time to understand the root cause of any performance constraints, whilst at the same time take time to get to know you and your business environment.

This ensures that we are able to then swiftly design and implement the right solution for you that will achieve optimal performance gain and return on investment.

These solutions are carefully crafted from our business propositions illustrated in the diagram to the right, but in essence Q4 Solutions delivers hybrid, tailored performance and leadership solutions that harness commercial business acumen, military discipline and resilience together with academic innovation and rigour.

Infectious enthusiasm
Working with us, you will likely find our enthusiasm, focus and commitment to measureable and sustainable performance improvement contagious, and because we are not looking to throw out all that has gone before you will likely find us very approachable and extremely keen to listen. In particular we always look to utilise existing learning and resource to get the right and most cost-effective result.  

It is not our goal to saturate your company with hoards of consultants. Instead we aim to provide as ‘light a touch’ as possible to truly achieve and sustain the required results, with a great emphasis upon collaborative working and skills transfer.

Precision and accuracy
Recognising that just a few degrees out can relate to being significantly off course over time, we are known for precision and accuracy. Our unique approach of blending the best in class between industry, military, academia and sporting arenas ensures that state of the art capability is blended with what really works, and is executable under pressure. 

We believe that a business is a system, and as such have a reassuring confidence that every aspect of performance degredation can be diagnosed and addressed. We even have a process for doing exactly that, so why not give us a call to see how we can help create predictable performance within your organisation.


“...improving the business through improving our peoples performance... don’t expect me to change to accommodate their approach... strong theory is translated into the language we all use...

Tim Williams - Head of Strategy & Change, GSC, Vodafone

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