Simon Phillips has been involved in helping others prepare for, organise and lead change all his professional life.
He has worked as a change director, a consultant, a network leader and now concentrates his time as an executive coach to leaders in commerce, industry, local communities and the public sector. His first book on personal effectiveness, published by McGraw Hill, was an Amazon best-seller and sold in 16 countries worldwide.

Simon is a frequent contributor to seminars, conferences and workshops on culture change and new ways of working. He is the leader of the largest network of independent consultants, trainers and coaches in Europe and writes the acclaimed regular newsletter “The Strategic Professional”.

Simon’s work with strategic leaders focuses on four key factors; inspiring high performance teams, thriving on ambiguity, delivering sustainable change and leading by example.
Simon challenges his clients to be more rather than do more and to really believe that leading others is a function of leading oneself effectively and that trust is built on a foundation of integrity.
However, all of this is underpinned by his belief that in order for people to learn, to develop and to collaborate effectively, they need to be having fun!

Professional Background
Simon Phillips obtained a first class degree from the University of St. Andrews before joining Andersen Consulting, where he went on to become a senior specialist in managing change. His work for clients such as the UK Government, United Utilities and Barclays Bank involved the implementation of huge training and communication programmes, leading large, sometimes virtual, teams to deliver training and introduce process improvements with thousands of personnel.
Since forming his own company in 2000, Simon’s relaxed and engaging style has led him to work with many household names including easyJet, LloydsTSB, Friends Provident, Credit Suisse, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and The Wrigley Company.
He was also responsible, as the Consulting Director, for the development of the DTI accredited Swiftwork Ltd into the UK’s leading flexible working specialists. During this time, Simon worked with clients implementing work life balance programmes across the UK in both the public and private sector.

Professional Affiliations
Simon was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts & Manufacturing in 2005 and in 2006 won a National Training Award for his work in helping The Wrigley Company introduce the process transformation and culture change associated with new ways of working.
Born and bred in South Wales, educated in Scotland and developed in England, South Africa, Europe and the USA, Simon has a perspective that enables him to help others see the elusive “Big Picture”.