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“Partnering with clients to create and sustain genuine performance improvement”

Q4 Solutions has an approach to business which is as invigorating as it is challenging, as focused as it is fun and as popular as it is surprising. Always pointing towards the end result, Q4 seeks to establish “communities of performance” that last long after its work has been delivered.
Engagement process
The envy of the industry, Q4 Solutions has an exclusive set of business measurement tools that enable benchmarking across any discipline. This establishes an accurate and detailed picture of the business from day one which can then be mapped against its over-arching objectives.
From this point, the project team is given a ‘clear line of sight’ between where they are and where they want to be. This quickly develops into a rare opportunity and challenge for clients to see just how good they can make their business and is the true definition of collaborative working between Q4 Solutions and their client.
Skills transfer
The whole process is driven by getting the business to achieve its goals through existing talent - creating a safe & exciting environment where its employees are encouraged and empowered to excel. Inevitably, this leads to the development of new skills and processes that are necessary to move the business forwards.
Q4 Solutions works on the basis of embedding these skills, rather than simply contracting them in for the duration of a project. In this way, clients are left with an enduring legacy of improvement which is both self-sustaining and profitable!

Core values
Q4 Solutions has also established a set of core values by which it approaches its work (see right).


“...responsive and client focused... developed a collaborative working relationship with us... in a dynamic business and industry climate...

Sandy Foster EDS Lead Learning & Development UKIMEA

Success is a given We have absolute belief in our strength as a winning team - therefore, what do we need to do in order to secure success in any given situation?  We can expect to rely on each other to remain supportive, focused and positive at all times.
We are clear and unequivocal We always say what we mean in unambiguous language, and then back that up with our actions. We live, eat and breathe the Q4 brand so that nobody is in any doubt as to how we go about our business.
We share mutual respect with our clients We work professionally with our clients, but have certain core beliefs that we will not compromise.
We are accountable for our actions We accept responsibility for our work, and we expect to be challenged.  We will always seek to use our own initiative to complete or enhance the task at hand.
Reach for the stars We will always push the boundaries of what we do, seeking to exceed our own expectations, delight our associates and amaze our clients.
Be happy! Although we are diligent, professional and committed to our work, we will do it with an appropriate sense of fun and enjoyment that is respectful of others.
We are an open organisation We ensure that everybody who works with us, for us or alongside us is made aware of our values.
We focus on doing the right things right We will not get distracted by trivia and “urgent” things, and will concentrate on what adds greatest value.

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