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Q4 Solutions has unrivalled range and power in its impressive list of business partners. The ability and opportunity to tap into so many market-leading resources is viewed as a key advantage by Q4 clients.
Unique Partner Power only comes about when a network of the right people and organisations lock together perfectly. Q4 have spent many years forming a unique community of skills, resources and talents so they precisely compliment one another.

To finding out how
Partner Power could benefit you or if you're interested in becoming a Q4 partner please email:- nwatson@Q4solutions.co.uk


“...innovative and vibrant company... easy to do business with.... programmes targeted the heart of our business issues... driving sustainable business change... releasing a new energy from within...

Roy Cooper, CSC Operations Transformation Director

A unique measurement tool designed to establish individual “predisposition” that accurately and uncannily maps out a person’s default performance characteristics - both under pressure and when working at ‘steady state’. This can give a key insight into personnel development and as a part of an integrated recruitment process.

The Denison Organisational Culture Survey and Denison Leadership Development Survey were developed by Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. and William S. Neale, M.A., M.L.I.R. The surveys and model are based on over 20 years of research by Dr. Denison on the link between organisation culture and bottom-line performance measures such as ROI, ROA, Sales Growth, Quality and Employee Satisfaction. The Denison Model, made up of four culture traits, Mission, Consistency, Involvement, and Adaptability, serve as the basis for the Denison Organisational Culture Survey and the Denison Leadership Development Survey. A world class online delivery systems allow for quick survey turnaround times and easy monitoring.

Friday Island is a unique and exclusive location for team building events, corporate activity days and team training set in the heart of the Cotswolds in the UK.
The venue is designed, constructed and maintained specifically for corporate events, company parties, team building exercises and fun team days. It is the dream corporate event venue centred around its very own Caribbean Island! The venue incorporates 120 acres of spring-fed lake with 15 islands, sandy beaches, tropical palm trees, lapping water, woodlands and many purpose built facilities.

MHS has been publishing the very best in psychological assessment tools for over 20 years. Long-standing, leading products such as the Conners’ Rating Scales (CRS–R), the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®), and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised 2nd Edition (PCL–R™) have demonstrated our commitment to innovation and quality.
Their line of emotional intelligence (EI) products is revolutionizing professional development, recruitment, employee satisfaction, and the way they measure effective functioning. Their innovative assessment tools for leadership development and succession planning, employee recruitment and selection, team building, and organisational functioning. Human resource assessment tools identify personal and team strengths and weaknesses so that you can maximize strong areas and target weaker areas for improvement. With the information provided by these assessment tools, you can predict the likelihood of an individual’s success in a particular role, understand the emotional intelligence or your organization across departments, uncover impediments to productivity, and grow strong leadership skills.

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