Professional Background
An energetic and enthusiastic Cross-Cultural Consultant, Neil Urquhart works with world-renowned international organisations in both the public and private sectors.
As an expert in communication skills and culture, Neil blends his experience of training, facilitating and coaching in multinational firms with his past experience in education and the voluntary sector to create a strong results-focused offering. It enables groups, teams and individuals at all levels of responsibility to work together more effectively in international contexts.
He is also part of the team delivering induction training for mixed groups of civil servants from 27 different nations at the European Commission, Parliament and other EU institutions in Brussels, Luxemburg, Karlsruhe and Lago Maggiore.

If there is a common thread to Neil’s professional activities, it is facilitating change in organizations and individuals in transition. On the macro level he works with businesses on internationalisation projects and helps firms navigate the post-contract phase of international mergers and acquisitions. Smaller scale interventions include international team-building, developing cross-cultural leadership skills and intercultural coaching.
Using a combination of transformational tool, experiential activities and practical techniques, he enables organizations and teams to leverage their cultural diversity with passion, zest and inspiration.

Professional Background
Before becoming a consultant, Neil studied Politics at the University of Hull, starting his career in the education sector, first as an English teacher in Japan then later as an administrator in an international educational institute in Scotland.
After this he worked for a management consultancy and communication skills training company in Germany, France and Austria for several years. During this time he researched learning behaviour in the corporate sector and successfully led a 3-year project to internationalise an IT-subsidiary of a German conglomerate before relocating to Brazil. In late 2004 he returned to the UK, now based in London continues to work internationally.
In terms of formal qualifications, Neil has a degree in Politics from the University of Hull, a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in Professional Studies in Education and a Personal Performance Coaching Certificate from the Coaching Academy, one of Europe’s leading coaching organisations.

Personal Interests
Neil’s professional methodology is informed by his personal studies of martial arts, improvisational techniques and physical theatre, mind-mapping and creativity, psychotherapeutic and systemic approaches to the organisation, singing, songwriting and playing the guitar and piano.