In a long and varied career, Julian Cope has developed into a superb manager of complex projects who can handle technical and creative ideas with equal aplomb. He provides a key hub for all of Q4’s projects, clients and consultants, ensuring that communications and information flow are managed professionally, promptly and sensitively.
Julian’s focus is on ensuring that projects run smoothly, on time and that the client gets maximum return on investment. This means that he will monitor project spend and effectiveness and will report upon the agreed outcomes. A diplomatic and conscientious sole, he has the happy knack of putting everybody at ease with his natural, in-built professionalism and empathy.
Julian is also an accomplished presenter, who has an innate ability to portray complex ideas and strategies in an easily digestible form.

Through studying Civil Engineering to degree level, Julian has a natural affinity with technical detail but augments this with a real passion for creative thinking and people skills. This potent blend of competences makes Julian an engaging and highly effective communicator who quickly gains respect of clients and colleagues alike.
He also has a ready (but appropriate!) sense of humour that helps to deflate tensions that inevitably build during major change projects. His renowned quips are never disrespectful but often sharp and, more often than not, directed at himself or, as Julian likes to put it; “If you can’t laugh at yourself you haven’t earned the right to laugh with others.”

Professional Background
AJulian originally qualified as a Civil Engineer, before moving into sales & marketing and spent five years in the Middle East with Burmah Castrol. He was then asked to return to the UK to take up global communications role, reporting at board level and co-ordinating with managers at all levels.
In the next 5 years, Julian was responsible for transforming outdated practices and regularising the ways in which operating companies around the world portrayed company iconography.
Since then, Julian has transferred his attentions to the world of recycling where he has project managed programmes in excess of £1m. This has resulted in the use of recycled glass on golf courses and recycled plasterboard in mushroom composting.

Personal Interests
Julian’s main interests outside work revolve around his two sons, encouraging them to bigger and better things. He is also currently researching his family tree, which he eventually hopes to publish … one day!