Cim brings her own particular Swedish brand of infectious enthusiasm and passion to her work as a coach, trainer and facilitator. Cim works at all levels from senior executives to trainees, bringing extensive experience from Ericsson into the coaching world, as well as having spent much time with parents of teenagers, and young adults.
Cim focuses on communication and relationships in her work, looking at how to use communication in the hard and soft sense: from getting the right message across to working out how to get the best out of individuals and teams. She uses the power of listening and is able to teach how to use it to best effect, impressing “Naked Leader” guru David Taylor enough to include advice from Cim in his second book on leadership.
She combines light-heartedness with a keen sense of curiosity, which in combinations encourages people to find out what needs to change to get things done.

Cim make thing happen through developing communication skills and deepening relationships. Her watchwords are Clarity, Simplicity and Focus. Cim encourages people to think big and start with small steps building their own motivation and self-belief. She is never afraid to ask the questions that need to get answered to move the task along.

Professional Background
Cim is a graduate of Coach University, a certified Parent and Teen Coach, from the Parent As Coach Academy, an Accredited ICF course. She was also one of the first people in the UK licensed to present Coach University’s Coaching in Business programme. She graduated from Stockholm’s Grafiska Institutet in commercial graphic design, and has a post-graduate diploma in communications from RMI Berghs in Stockholm.
Before becoming taking formal coaching training, Cim worked for 10 years at Ericsson in Sweden and the UK first as an assistant project manager and subsequently in internal and external communications. She has worked with top executives in coaching and training how to deliver messages effectively, and was involved in organizing international conferences.
Cim has also coached students, young entrepreneurs and has been involved in government sponsored programmes to coach and mentor young mums.

Personal Interests
Cim loves dance and dancing. As well as enjoying watching dance performances, she takes weekly classes, in tap dancing and theatre jazz. Since she started the personal development journey, if she’s not on a personal development course of some sort, she’s listening to CDs, or reading about it. She’s always curious to find out about new things in life. She comes from the “north” of Sweden and loves snow, skiing and ski-dooing. “I just love the smell of really cold snow”, she says.